Special Foiling That Won't Leave You Cold

Take a stroll down any supermarket isle and see the number of companies using special foils to add that touch of luxury to their product labeling.


For years hot foiling has been used to enhance the look of luxury products such as chocolates, liquor, bath oils and other high value items. Luxury items however always come with a price tag and up until now special foiling was no different.


Foiling adds an elegant touch to this Fragrant Oil label.


Initial setup costs including dies, the actual foil itself and often third party involvement combine to make the cost of foiling a significant part of the overall label. Not to mention potential for transcription errors and the extended lead times.


Step up Bruce Knight, Label Power's senior printer and his pioneering ‘Cold Foiling' process.


“Initial setup is very quick as is the turnaround time, so the process is ideal for both short and long runs. Our cold foiling has excellent registration and can be used on a wide variety of materials”


Label Powers Senior Printer, Bruce Knight


With no up front tooling costs and the whole process under one roof, Label Power's cold foiling is a must for those discerning customers whose labels need to be that little bit special.

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