Label Rewinders

Label Power offer a variety of label rewinders so you can rewind labels with ease. Wind up labels into a roll as they come out of the printer. 

We also supply accessories for our label rewinders so you can handle different core and label sizes.

  • Labelmate CAT-3SA Standard Heavy-Duty Label Rewinder

    Labelmate CAT-3SA Standard Heavy-Duty Label Rewinder

    The CAT-3SA-Standard Rewinder uses fin-style core holders for 3" cores that allows for the ability to rewind corelessly. 

    Labelmate $1839.75 (inc GST)
    $1672.50 (exc GST)
    Code: 80-203-0033


  • Labelmate UNI-CAT-CHUCK Heavy-Duty Label Rewinder

    The UNI-CAT CHUCK is the most versatile rewinder/unwinder from the Labelmate product range.

    Labelmate $2395.80 (inc GST)
    $2178.00 (exc GST)
    Code: 80-203-0043


  • Labelmate UNI-CAT-STANDARD Label Rewinder

    The UNI-CAT is a 'smart' winder, capable of both rewinding and unwinding. The UNI-CAT will automatically match your printers speed and direction of printing, making it the ideal partner to printers that are tensionsensitive or back-feed. The UNI-CAT will even sense when the end of a roll is reached and automatically stop winding.

    Labelmate $2152.70 (inc GST)
    $1957.00 (exc GST)
    Code: 80-203-0086


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