Ancient Waters Receive Label Power Treatment!

Organisers of the Woodford Folk Festival routinely caution the thousands of visitors who head to the famous six-day event that the cultural extravaganza is conducted during the 'full glory of summer'. And anyone who has experienced a Queensland summer will understand why drinking water is given a high priority at such an action-packed event.


For 15 years, the Festival has been staged in the Maleny/Woodford region of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, about one hour's drive north-west of the Brisbane GPO. In December 2002, Mt Beerwah Natural Spring Water proprietors, Chris and Janet Neill, approached Label Power with a rush order. They needed their company logo and the caption "Raising Funds for the Woodford Folk Festival" emblazoned on thousands of drink bottle labelsS and they needed them quickly!


In a joint effort between Mt Beerwah Natural Spring Water and the Folk Festival Federation, mineral water sold at festival filling stations between 26 December and 1 January would help raise funds for the Woodford Public Art Fund. Because the festival has a long tradition of conservation and recycling, visitors would be encouraged to use their water bottles more than once. People at the festival could enjoy a 600 ml bottle of Mt Beerwah spring water for just $1.00 per refill. Over the six days of festivities, it is estimated that the filling stations helped prevent thousands of unwanted plastic bottles ending up as landfill.


And although final attendance figures have yet to be published, organisers are expected to announce another roll-up of more than 80,000 visitors. What many of those visitors didn't know is that the spring water they enjoyed so enthusiastically is estimated to be hundreds, even thousands of years old! Mt Beerwah water comes from an ancient naturally rising spring in the ranges of the Glass House Mountains. And sometimes, even the bottles that hold the mineral water have an attraction!


Janet Neill says that because the plastic drink bottles have a different label design each year, many a humble water container becomes a cherished memento of the festival. 'Some people even bring their bottles along from the previous year to use them again,' she says. According to Janet, not only did Label Power give her a competitive price for her bottle labels but Label Power was also able to handle an urgent job in an efficient and professional manner. Manufacturers sometimes overlook the potential marketing opportunity presented by major events. Talk to Label Power about ways you can capture the spirit and enthusiasm of an event on your own specially designed labels.

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