Are You Keeping Track Of Your Assets?

Asset Label shown on a fax machineBeing able to keep track of assets is vital for any business. One of the best ways to keep track of your assets is to use sequentially numbered asset labels that correspond to your asset register.


Common asset items include office furniture, office equipment, machinery, tools, etc. These items are usually kept for many years in all sorts of conditions so a label to identify each item has to be very durable.


In response to this situation, Label Power has introduced a unique asset label printing service. Our asset labels are digitally imaged onto a tough polyester stock that is UL Approved (i.e. approved by the Underwriters Laboratory in the USA). We then add a second layer of protection with a clear polyester film that we laminate over the top of the barcode image. In the third and final process, we die-cut the required label shape and present the finished item in rolls.


Asset labels will greatly reduce the chance of confusion of ownership where your company property is concerned. Also they make maintenance of the asset register for tax time a relative breeze -- especially when you make use of a portable barcode scanner to verify your asset listing.


We have samples here ready to send to you free of charge and look forward to discussing your particular requirements in the area of asset management.

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