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Please circulate this email around your office so staff can check to see that you are ordering all your A4 Laser / Inkjet and Copier labels from Label Power.


Save up to 66% when purchasing Laser Sheets from Label Power

Several of our clients who have purchased our Avery Compatible A4 Inkjet / Laser / Copier Label Sheets have commented to us “why are your prices so cheap?” and “are these prices for real?”


Label Power have been manufacturing Avery compatible A4 Inkjet / Laser / Copier Label Sheets for over 10 years in house and selling direct to many different industries. Obviously we were curious to see what all the fuss was all about.


We took the opportunity to investigate pricing of the “Genuine” Avery A4 Inkjet / Laser / Copier Label Sheets at our local Office products Superstore that has the “works” when it comes to office products and supplies.


After visiting we can certainly see why our Label Power Avery compatible sheets are increasing in popularity every day.


The Avery sheets were selling $79.99 ( incl GST ) for 100 sheets. Our Matt White Inkjet / Copier / Laser permanent sheets sell for $26.95 (incl GST ) for 100 sheets. That’s a saving of $53.04 per pack.


This means you can save your company over 66% when you order Laser labels direct from the manufacturer - Label Power.

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