Waterproof Tags That You Can Laser Print

Lasertag95 is Label Power's new tag stock for laser printing. Label Power can print this stock in up to eight different colours (in A4 sheets with perforations or divisions as required by the customer). The customer can then print these sheets on their mono or colour laser printer. Typical applications for this stock would include in-house job sheets or work tickets where paper is not suitable.


Lasertag95's underwater marking potential will be enthusiastically received by a host of different industries. Pet shops (signs inside aquariums) and research labs have already voiced a need for this versatile laser printable synthetic stock, and we're sure there will be others. For example, this tag stock can be used for admission tickets when details need to be included by laser printer at point-of-sale.


Due to the double-sided matt coating, this stock is also suitable for handwriting with either ballpoint pen or marker - a very useful feature.


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