Stock Take Headache


Stock Take HeadacheFor many businesses across the country, the end of the financial year means the dreaded stock take. Late nights and frayed tempers accompany the count as stock is recorded with good old fashioned pen and paper.


It's time to step into the 21st century with a simple, cost effective solution that will make your next stock take an absolute breeze.


The MyStore for Phaser package is aimed at small to medium enterprises that want to use bar code product information to speed up and streamline their stock take. The MyStore pack includes Symbol Technologies award winning P460 scanner, PS2 interface cable, software and comprehensive user guide.


The cordless P460 scanner means that you can move freely around your store, factory or warehouse collecting data and updating stock locations, checking item prices and of course that all important stock take.


The data collected is output as a text file in the format of:


[location] [tab] [barcode] [tab][quantity][enter]


for easy importing into applications such as Microsoft Excel or any POS/financial package that supports tab delimited files.


The P460 combines rugged ergonomic design with one-shot laser scanning capability and can even be used as a POS scanner when it's not on stock take duty.


If you want to start using bar codes, give Andrew a call on 1300 727 202 for a complete printer, software and scanner package to suit your business needs.

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