Pole Position for Destructible Labels

 Speed is nothing without control and as any rider in the Australian Superbike Championship will tell you, that means having tyres with the most grip on race day.


Specially manufactured slick tyres from Dunlop Motorsports are provided to all competitors racing in Superbike or Stock Bike classes. Each rider is allocated two sets of tyres for the weekend to be used in both qualifying and the actual race.


For those who don't follow motorsport it works like this. The harder the rider pushes his machine, the quicker the tyres wear out. This means as the race progresses he will start to go slower round bends and ultimately could be overtaken by someone who has not been so hard on his tyres.


Terry Oneil from Australian Superbikes explains: "this Championship is fiercely contested and the teams will try and get an advantage over their opponents any way they can" "including using more than the two sets of tyres provided, it's a real problem".


The solution to the tyre cheats came in the form of Label Power's "Destructible Labels". Special brittable self adhesive material was printed with unique numbers and supplied in quadruplicate label sets, one for each allocated tyre. The numbers were then recorded at scrutineering and checked after the race to ensure that no tyre swaps were made before the race. The special properties of the material mean that if an attempt is made to remove a label it will literally fall apart.


Terry was delighted with the result and the urgency with which the whole process was dealt with, "This was a great solution and I fully expect to see these labels being used in other motorsports".


For more information about this product or if you need assistance with a particular labelling problem contact our sales team at 1300 727 202 or 07 3710 7000


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