Are your printers following your Graphic Guidelines?

Most companies have a Company logo but how do you control how this is used and displayed by other parties? How can you stop someone printing your logo with the wrong version, typeface, colour or dimensions?


The best way is to have your own company graphic guidelines created. This document shows print and web companies how they can display your logo, what size the logo is allowed to be displayed, where on the page the logo is to be positioned, etc.


When ordering your printing requirements you can rest easy if you send your company graphic guidelines with your printing order – this will ensure your new and repeat printed material looks uniform and professional.


Why not contact Label Power's in-house graphic design team for your own set of professional graphics guidelines.


Label Power's creative team has over 40 years cutting edge experience working with major brands and organisations such as Sheraton Hotels, Unicef and Rough Guides. A complete range of services from basic layout and pre-press to illustration and full project management is available to compliment your promotional strategies and campaigns.


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For more information about our design services and a free consultation, please give us a call at 1300 727 202 or +61 7 3710 7000.

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