New features of BarTender's newest version (7.5)

Trust Label Power, the bar coding experts, to bring you the very latest version of BarTender, the world's best selling label design software. BarTender is fast and easy to use offering professional quality label design at your finger tips and super quick drivers for your thermal printer.


Released at Chicago's LabelExpo in September, Label Power were there to bring back Bartender v7.5 and make sure our customers don't miss out on some great new features...take a look at some of the techie stuff.


Hardware security "key" now optional


Previously BarTender was shipped with a hardware security "key" to ensure software license compliance. With version 7.5 the hardware security key is no longer necessary. Great news for customers with laptops. No extra hardware security key means less to carry. Existing customers can contact us for an immediate upgrade to the new keyless version.


Although customers still have the option to continue receiving the hardware security keys, a new software license compliance technology has recently proven itself more reliable, lower in cost, and just as effective. BarTender now makes use of software-based activation to combat software piracy and to ensure that the customer's copy of the software is genuine.


The new activation process is safe and non-invasive. Customers can either activate their BarTender software at install time or anytime within the next 30 days. The software runs on "Trial edition" for the first 30 days if not immediately activated. The software reverts to "Demo mode" if it is not activated after the 30-day trial period. Customers who wish to use the software to its full extent can simply activate their software.


  • Automatic, from within the Installer Program: Customers simply type in their Product Key Code (PKC) and the rest happens automatically.
  • Semi-Automatic, from a Web Browser: The Installer program lists the URL address for our Activation web site. Customers can access this site to Activate from any web-browser-equipped computer.
  • Manual, By Phone: The Installer program lists phone numbers customers can call to get their Activation Code.

Customers who still prefer the hardware security key can still do so upon request.


Other New Features


Easier User Interface

  • New wizards speed beginners through label setup
  • Wizards for power users too
  • Quickly preview and print label designs without opening formats


Enhanced Database Connectivity

  • OLE DB data sources now supported. (ODBC still supported)
  • New wizard simplifies connecting to a database


User-definable Background Images

  • Specify a background label image to appear "behind" your label design
  • Also add a background colour
  • Automatically "bleed" backgrounds beyond label edges to ensure full coverage in case of label slippage or poor printer registration


Support for Printer Clocks

  • Time and date stamps can now be read from the printer's real time clock
  • Existing use of computer's clock still supported


Label Power stocks the latest version of BarTender. It is available for sale now at very competitive prices. Please call, email or visit our website for more information.

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