Hologram Sticker Label Printing

Label Power is now offering hologram sticker labels, featuring a series of exclusive and high-definition security elements to protect commercial brands and highlight products with a stunning and stand out label.

Label Power's holograms labels are made with the latest technology in the industry, utilising specialised machines to design distinctive optical elements that make forgery difficult, expensive and virtually impossible.

Businesses use our holograms sticker labels to protect their brands from pirate copies, differentiate their products from competitors and also to improve their corporate image.

Label Power's holograms labels have already received a great acceptance from different sectors such as toys manufacturers, electronics, pharmaceuticals among others where product security is crucial.

Some of the benefits Label Power offer are:

  • Variety of colour, 9 designer colours (neon purple, gold, turquoise, silver, neon red, royal blue, sky blue, forest green, copper).
  • Dot Matrix/E-Beam tampers evident holograms/hot stamping foil.
  • Excellent pricing structure with design/master/transport included.
  • Hologram registration in IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association).

Leave the hassle of printing your labels to the experts!

Choose Label Power to print high-quality labels, stickers and tags

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