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mm length (along roll)

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Colours help

CMYK 4 Colour Process
Pantone (PMS) Colours
Enter PMS Numbers if known (eg. pms 032, pms 071):

Varnish or Laminate: Foil:

Finshed Labels help

Labels supplied:
on rolls as sheets fan folded
Sheet Size: x mm Perforated: Yes No
Roll Direction:
Roll Direction 1
roll direction 1
Roll Direction 2
roll direction 2
Roll Direction 3
roll direction 3
Roll Direction 4
roll direction 4
Roll Direction 5
roll direction 5
Roll Direction 6
roll direction 6
Roll Direction 7
roll direction 7
Roll Direction 8
roll direction 8
Any roll direction
Labels per roll:


Max outer diameter: mm
Core Size:

Label Use help

How will the label be applied? 
Where will the label be used? 
What type of surface will it be applied to? 
What material will the label be applied to? 
What temperature will the label be applied at? 
What temperature will the label be stored at? 
Will the label have variable data, such as
sequential bar codes? 
Yes No
Will you be writing on the labels?  Yes No
Will you be overprinting the labels with a printer? Yes No
What printer will you be overpritning with? 
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