Can I get blank A4 laser labels and inkjet label sheets pre printed?

Yes, you can get A4 laser and inkjet label sheets pre-printed in up to 8 colours so you only need to overprint the black text or even handwrite on them.  The minimum quantity for this pre-printing service is only 5 packs.

Our laser sheets have exactly the same margins and spacing as Avery labels.

It's easy to setup you label templates on Label Power laser sheets.

You can use your existing Avery Wizard for Microsoft office, Avery design and print online software or Avery Design Pro software.

Can I get waterproof A4 laser labels and inkjet label sheets?

Yes, we supply synthetic inkjet and laser labels in both white synthetic and clear synthetic. Click here to check our A4 inkjet and laser labels range.

Can I get fluorescent A4 laser labels and inkjet label sheets?

Yes, we supply the following radiant colours – red, orange, yellow, green and pink. Click here to check our range of A4 laser label and inkjet label sheets.

The fluorescent or fluoro laser labels have a special backing so they won’t jam or get stuck in your inkjet or laser printer. These bright colours will also work in inkjet printers however we recommend using black ink as the colours are quite vibrant.

Can I get clear laser and inkjet label sheets?

Yes, we supply clear synthetic laser compatible waterproof labels and clear synthetic inkjet permanent labels. Click here to check our range of A4 laser labels and inkjet label sheets.

What software can I use to print onto A4 laser labels and inkjet label sheets?

To Print Inkjet / Laser / Copier Labels there are many options available:

  • Avery has a few Microsoft Word wizards available to download.
  • You can also use the Avery templates for Microsoft Word available for download .
  • You can also browse the labelling software section of our website for professional software solutions. 

What's different about your labels?

Our Blank A4 laser labels and inkjet labels are made with Avery materials specifically designed and tested to go through the tough conditions of a laser printer / copier or inkjet mechanism.

Any document which passes through a laser printer / copier has to contend with the heat of the Fuser unit. Paper goes through this process no problems at all. For computer labels the situation is different as they are pre-cut materials with adhesive underneath. If a poor quality adhesive is used, labels may peel off inside the printer with the possibility of damaging the printer drum.

The adhesive doesn't melt or leak. The adhesive of our Inkjet / Laser / Copier Labels, thanks to the high quality Avery materials will not melt in the high temperatures of a laser printer / copier and the stripped edge of our label sheets prevents adhesive from leaking out when sandwiched in between the rollers of the printer.

Rounded corners reduce peeling. Our Avery compatible Inkjet / Laser / Copier Labels have rounded corners, this makes the structure of the sheet stronger and considerably reduces the possibility of labels peeling off inside the printer.

To make your label printing process worry free, we recommend that you use the shortest feed path on your printer. This is usually via the manual or multi-purpose feed option. Always refer to your printer manual before using labels in your printer.

To make your life even easier we have separated our labels into many categories so you can find the labels you are looking for in no time.

Click here to check our of A4 laser labels and inkjet label sheets.

Why are your A4 laser labels and inkjet label sheets so cheap?

Our Blank A4 laser labels and inkjet label sheets are often the cheapest because we manufacture them here, passing the savings directly on to you.

If I buy thousands of label sheets at a time can I get a discount?

Yes, if you have high volume requirements or special requirements please contact us for a customised proposal.

Can I buy labels online?

Yes you can buy labels online, once you have found the labels you are looking for, you just need to add the labels to your shopping cart by following the instructions below:

  • Click on the "Add to Cart" button and proceed to checkout.
  • If the product doesn't have an "Add to Cart" button, <link main about-us contact-us _self>contact us for details about that product.
  • To learn more about How to Shop <link main customer-support how-to-shop external-link-new-window external link in new>click here.

Is it safe to order and buy labels online?

Yes, we don’t actually take your card details online so it’s totally secure. Your order will be received by our friendly staff.

You will be called to let you know the freight fees and the total of the order. You can either do an Internet bank transfer and let us know you have paid (preferred method) or you can pay by credit card over the phone. Please notice that credit card payments will have a surcharge of 2.5% for Visa and Bankcard or 3.5% for Amex or Diners. 

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