Label Power expands its product portfolio incorporating the latest universal powered label dispensers, the LD-100-U and LD-200-U series. These Dispensing machines are suitable for all types of labels, including transparent and opaque labels.

With the LD-U series, businesses can reduce the amount of time traditionally spent in peel and apply manual procedures. Thanks to features like:  “state of the art” reflective detector and a compact photoelectric sensor with fibre cable, these machines can dispense any type of label and automatically advance the next label presenting it for instant picking.

The LD-U series includes the following models LD-100-U, LD-200-U, LD-100-U-SS and the LD-200-U-SS. All share similar technical specifications, however, the LD-U –SS models are built from stainless steel chassis making them resistant to moisture and ideal for humid environments. All of these label dispensers are designed for all day, every-day use.

James Malone, Managing Director of Label Power explains that ''with the introduction of this new range of label dispensers we are helping our clients to become more efficient, offering them a valuable tool to speed up their production lines and boost productivity levels''.

The LD-U series are ideal space savings units that can satisfy the needs of a variety of small and medium business such as food and beverage, manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, among others. 

Label Power is accepting reseller enquires for this range of products, from manufacturers or businesses involved in selling labels.


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