Bar code Experts

Label Power GS1 PartnershipLabel Power is proud to announce their appointment as GS1 Alliance Partners. GS1 Australia (previously EAN) is a non-profit organisation that helps Australian businesses become more efficient through the use of bar coding. GS1 are responsible for issuing GS1 numbers and bar codes in Australia and through their stewardship ensure that international standards are maintained down under.


Through their Alliance program, GS1 utilise the expertise of Partners such as Label Power to bring a wide range of products and services to GS1 members. Label Power’s considerable knowledge and expertise in bar coding combined with a great range of bar code printing and scanning equipment will provide GS1 members and those looking to implement bar coding in their business with a straight talking solutions provider.


Over the coming weeks we will be introducing a new area on the Label Power website the “Bar Code Centre”. We will endeavor to unravel the mysteries of bar coding and try to explain some of the complexities in plain simple English. Of course we will include all the technical stuff for those who need a more in-depth view.


If you have any questions about bar coding or just need a few pointers on how to go about bar coding your products give us a call.

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