<link>EASYLABELPerform complex labelling tasks easily and fast. <link>EASYLABEL 5.5 has shortest learning curve in the industry and you don’t have to be computer literate to learn how to use it. You’ll be making labels faster with <link>EASYLABEL 5.5 than with any other labeling system package available.


Customer Designed GUI


EASYLABEL<link>EASYLABEL 5.5 was designed with the user in mind, as it came to life based on a comprehensive list of requests and suggestions from our customers. This totally redesigned new version maintains the stability, reliability and functionality of previous <link>EASYLABEL products with the added advantage of a new sleek and intuitive graphic user interface that matches today’s office applications.


RFID Support, XML Monitor and Print Jobs Management New in Version 5.5


EASYLABELRFID support: <link>EASYLABEL 5.5's RFID Wizard will allow you to program and print High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) smart labels. The RFID Wizard will also assist you in creating an Electronic Product Code (EPC) and allow you to import the data to be programmed on the smart label from numerous sources.


XML Monitor: The XML monitor will 'watch' a file directory or TCP/IP port and will automatically print labels whenever a compatible XML file is received.  This provides a direct connection to Oracle and SAP.  The file drop can also be: your E-mail application automatically copying an E-mail attachment to the directory, or another application automatically generating the file in the directory.


Print jobs management: <link>EASYLABEL's Job List File is basically a saved print queue. Job lists can be created to print specific sequences of labels.  A job list can be opened, and all the jobs in the list can then be added to the print queue in one operation.  It is also possible to send individual jobs or a selected group of jobs from the list to the Print Queue. Job List Files do not require any programming experience or special syntax. Therefore, they are an EASY way to automate label printing by loading the print queue with multiple print jobs.


Why not upgrade from your old <link>EASYLABEL now and take advantage of all the new features!


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