New Sizes and Stocks for Inkjet Label Printers

New ex stock label sizes and materials for roll-fed inkjet printers can be ordered online.

In response to your requests we now have over 40 different labels sizes available in each of the following substrates:

  • Gloss inkjet paper with permanent adhesive
  • Matt synthetic inkjet with permanent adhesive
  • New waterproof matt synthetic inkjet with permanent adhesive.

Our new labels are designed for the Primera LX200, LX400, LX810 and LX900 colour label printers, and for other inkjet label printers such as the VIP Color VP485, Rapid X1 and Speedstar.

All labels can also be handwritten on for general use or overprinted in many popular thermal transfer printers including Datamax and Zebra.

To view our new sizes and current pricing <link categories labels-and-stickers self-adhesive-label-rolls labels-for-primera-and-vip-color-printers category _blank external link in new>Click here.

Or download the new price list in PDF format through the links below

Primera LX810 | LX900 and VIP Color VP485 labels supplied on 76.2mm cores

Primera LX200 and LX400 labels supplied on 50.8mm cores

Please note these updated price lists replace any previous version/s.

For bulk orders or enquiries for additional sizes not listed here please e-mail or call us on 07 3710 7000 for a quote.

If you aren't lucky enough to have your own <link catalogue products name pd primera-lx400-colour-label-printer _blank external link in new>Primera LX400 or <link catalogue products name pd primera-lx900-colour-label-printer _blank external link in new>Primera LX900 printer yet please <link categories printers primera-label-printers category _blank external link in new>click here for more information on these great products.

Check out our "How to" videos on Youtube for the Primera LX900!

To help you get the most out of your Primera LX900 colour label printer we have created a new How-To videos section on our YouTube Channel.

These videos are full of tips and hints on loading and printing both round and clear labels. 

We update our How-To videos continuously so visit our YouTube channel regularly to check them out.

Here are the links to watch the How-To videos:

Quick Guide - Label stocks and their most common applications.

Many customers want a better understanding of the wide range of choices available in types of label materials. So here is a quick guide to the most common applications and uses for gloss, matt and waterproof label stocks.   

Gloss inkjet paper permanent labels. These labels are widely used from general to product labelling. Common applications include: mailing, shipping and receiving, asset tracking, inventory control, pricing, and product labelling (candles, candy and confectionery, coffee and tea, herbs, spices pies and cakes, nuts, and many more).

Gloss labels offer great printability and will adhere on to most surfaces including: cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, metal and others. 

Most of our customers who choose this material love the great gloss finish and that they are the most cost effective to their budget needs.

Matt inkjet synthetic permanent labels. These labels are popular mainly for product labelling. Common applications include: vitamins, personal care products, sauce and salsas, jams, pet foods, gourmet and specialty foods, amongst others.

Compared to gloss paper labels, these labels offer much higher durability. Because our matt synthetic labels are water resistant they can handle much tougher working environments. Whatever the moisture or humidity, they maintain great adhesion. 

Waterproof Matt White Synthetic Permanent labels. These top-of-the-range labels offer excellent, longer lasting results in the most working conditions. They are specially manufactured to stand up to scratch, moisture, and tear.

Common applications for these scratch-resistant waterproof labels include: fresh food, bottles of water, sports bottles, bottles of wine, oils, soaps and shampoos, cosmetic labels, syrups, cleaning supplies and many more.

For these kinds of products, and for resistance to water, wear and tear, plus outstanding durability, our customers choose the best: these waterproof matt white synthetic permanent labels.

Which ever inkjet material you choose for your inkjet printers, to maintain optimum quality remember to keep them in a well-ventilated, shaded area. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause the inks to fade.  If you require long life archival or outdoor durable labels for outdoor use we have other options readily available.

We encourage all customers to visit our website to find information about our products and contact us on 07 3710 7000 or


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