Towa Label Applicator: The best on the market?


What is a label applicator?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that a label applicator is a machine that is used to apply labels to products or their packaging. There are all sorts of different kinds of label applicators, from enormous machines that automate the entire process for you to small handheld tools such as the Towa label applicator, that can be used one-handed and in a flash.

A handheld label applicator, like the Towa label applicator, becomes indispensable when you need to apply labels to a wide range of surfaces that can't be easily processed through automated machines. This tool is particularly useful for items with irregular shapes or size, or are simply too big to fit through a machine


Why would you want to use a handheld label applicator like the Towa?

The Towa label applicator can handle surfaces of any kind, from flat and smooth to textured and spherical. Certain items aren’t able to go through automated machines, whereas a label gun like the Towa can be used on almost anything, from applying fruit stickers to a roughly shaped apple or avocado, to sticking barcodes on flat packaging ready to be shipped off.


What makes the Towa the best handheld label applicator?

The Towa label hand applicators use mech-sensor that automatically detects when you load different labels into the roll, eliminating the need to manually readjust the applicator each time you add a new roll of labels.

Moreover, Towa label applicators doesn’t require you to make a slit or hole for the feeding of labels. The labels can be used in a new roll, a rewound roll, even flat barcode labels. Towa label applicators can even apply labels up to 100mm in width, the largest size on the market!


Handheld Label Applicator vs Automated

Handheld applicators are pretty different from their automated cousins in several ways:

     Size: The most obvious difference between the two types of label applicator is the size. One can fit nicely in your hand while the other is usually the rough size of a printer, making it much less portable.

     Power: Handheld label applicators are operated entirely by its user, while an automated will handle the whole process for you. This does mean that an automated label applicator requires a power source, whereas a manual applicated, such as the Towa, can be used anywhere, anytime.

     Speed: One area where an automated machine blows a handheld out of the water is speed. A high-end automated machine can apply hundreds of labels a minute without you lifting a finger. Whereas a label gun such as the Towa will require you to apply each label yourself.

     Price: As you might expect a handheld label applicator, like the Towa, cost significantly less than an automated machine which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.



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