New Food Labelling Laws in Australia (PEAL)

In February 2021, the Food standards code changed the way food allergens must be listed on food labels, and food businesses have 3-years to transition to the new food labelling laws by February 2024. Given how long label stock can sometimes sit on the shelf, we would recommend that you check your labelling compliance now.

Australian food standard code now requires you to list the following common food allergens and that they are clearly displayed with the specific ingredients in bold text.


  Brazil Nut 





  Pine Nut 





  Milk (This includes all dairy foods and all animal milks) 



  Mollusc (e.g. Oyster, Octopus, Scallops, Calamari) 


  Crustacea (e.g. Prawn, Lobster) 





Please note that you can no longer just state “Contains Nuts” you have to specify what variety of nuts ie. Is it “Almond” or “Macadamia”?

The Food Standards Code also requires that added sulphites in concentrations of 10mg/kg or more must also be declared on food labels of packaged foods.

These allergens must be declared if they are included as:
• An ingredient
• Part of a compound ingredient (for example, if milk chocolate is present as an ingredient in a biscuit).
• A food additive
• A processing aid

How to Display the New Changes on Your Labels

All common food allergens need to be listed as Plain English alongside the main ingredients, at the same size, contrasting in a bold font (sample above).

The P1044 – Plain English Allergen Labelling food standard code states that the allergens to be listed on the label:
• In bold font.
• Have bold font contrasting distinctly with other text.
• Have the same size font as other text.

The allergens must be listed in a summary statement names “contains” next to but not separated from the Statement of ingredients list.

Australian law is strict and a mistake in the labels can be costly. Label Power has an art team that can complete the changes for your labels or alternatively we have software that can offer templates for such labels; Seagull Scientific BarTender, Teklynx Labelview or Codesoft, Easylabel, Nicelabel software and more. Our sales team can help direct you, just reach out to your account manager or contact our customer service team at: or ring 1 300 727 202.

Click the link below for additional information:

We ready to assist you when you decide to bring into affect the new changes to your labelling.

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