New Ground for Label Power!

The most recent being our Certified Performance Partnership with Honeywell, which stamps Label Power as Australia's newest reseller to one of the world's largest innovators of label printing & barcode scanning solutions.  Honeywell pride themselves on equipping customers with innovative tools to be more productive while having an unrelenting commitment to quality and delivering results in everything they do. That's why we worked hard for this union, so Label Power can offer the best options to suit your needs.  While Label Power are well known for producing quality labels through Digital and UV Flexo printing processes, Label Power have always offered in-house alternatives ranging from label printers (large & small), complete barcoding solutions, software and printer consumables over it's 18 strong years of providing reliable labelling solutions.  A proud moment (pictured) shows Label Power's Managing Director James Malone, with the Honeywell Performance Partner Certification plaque in front of Label Power's HP Indigo WS6800.  Manufacturer Directory - manufacturers and suppliers resource on the web ExportBureau profile

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