We were approached by Crafty Cider, a family owned and operated business located in the foothills of Australia’s Snowy Mountains, with 55 acres in the Kunama Valley and an orchard of 1200 French and English cider apple trees. We were to print labels for the Crafty Cider bottles.


It was our objective to create high-quality labels that would make the product stand out and convey what made Crafty Cider special. Several embellishments would be made to the labels to make them catch the eye and, while the different labels would need to follow the same theme, it would also need to be easy to differentiate the many cider options from each other. Our graphics team worked hard to decide which parts of the label to embellish without crowding the design. Each label would follow the same design but would be printed in different colors, making it easy for customers to select their favorites. The label was to be made with the use of a Epson Surepress L-6034VW and an ABG Digicon Series 2.


Silver metallic stock was printed on the Epson Surepress L-6034VW. Then, printed labels in opaque white and CMYK where put through the ABG Digicon Series 2 converter for a matte overlaminate film. The labels where then put back through the L-6034VW for a digital gloss spot varnish on the labels logo and the brands name was printed in reflective gold. Finally, the label went back through the Digicon for die-cutting and slitting.


The end result was exactly what we wanted. The labels themselves looked beautiful on the brown 330ml glass bottles and managed to be both high-class and eye-catching. The different varieties were immediately obvious, and the embellishments make the label (and the product) seem all the more high-quality. We even displayed a blurb about the Crafty Cider and its history to ensure people knew what made this product special.


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