How Labels Can Impact Your Marketing

Packaging and labelling design are one of the first things that the consumer sees when they first interact with your product. Good label design and marketing can increase your brand recognition, make your product stand out and even speak to your consumers about what your product is or what it stands for.

How Nudie Uses Labels to Capture the Market

Juice Company Nudie is a great example of how marketing your labels can create a large impact on the customer’s perspective of your product. 11 years ago they created their first drinks with a unique and ‘nude’ or clean design, now Nudie is all over Australia, is widely known and can be seen in almost every major food & drink store today.
Nudie’s unique label designs for their 250ml ‘Crushie’ drinks.

Their packaging was most definitely a key component for their success. They created clear and distinct packaging that told a vibrant story, evoked imagination and built a sense of intrigue.  

Colin Watts the creative director of JWC who created the packaging said on that “Nudie packaging has always been seen as a canvas for a bit of fun interaction, as a big kid myself it was about games, trivia, and having to find the hidden nudie creatures! Getting kids to share this fun in the playground will help to positively spread the brand.”

Nudie proves that labelling your products isn’t just about having a name description and listing content, it can be as creative as possible and it’s a great opportunity to build up your brand recognition.

Here is what is on the back of one of Nudie’s drink labels:

“What is a nudie smoothie?

Okay, so you’re thinking ‘where’s the fruit in this one?’ It’s not hiding. It’s vanilla! Somewhere along the line we found out that vanilla is the only edible fruit in the orchid family. (A handy fact to keep up your sleeve for awkward silences or BBQs.) As for those happy cows, they’ve been partying non-stop ever since they discovered the word ‘moo’ in smoothie. At first they were concerned about subliminal advertising but we quickly assured them no nudie drinkers would be harmed. The cows are now over the moon.”

Here they give a brief and entertaining history of the company, they speak to you on a more informal level, give you a fun fact and present themselves as being fun and jokey. They market their brand, speak to their customers on a personal level which separates them from a lot of the competition.

Tell your Story through your Brand

When your shelf impact isn’t where you want it to be, you have to think about how your label design can stand out from the crowd? What does your company represent and how can you convey the story of your brand with your product? The more thought that goes into the execution of your label the more people will notice that your company is professional, goes the extra mile and doesn’t cut corners, which is likely to translate into your product.

The way that your labels use colour, different materials or finishes, text, images etc. all create the feeling or tone of your brand. So, even making small design changes in your label shape or label design can help you to stand out. If you want more tips on how you can optimise your design, take a look here. So make your mark and tell your story with something different in order to make a dent in the market.

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