Experiencing Delays with Your Label Orders Due to Coronavirus? Use an Australian Label Manufacturer!

Label Power has noticed that quite a few of our customers, who were having their product labels manufactured overseas, are now experiencing delays with shipments and label deliveries due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

Label Power is one of the premier label and tag manufacturers in Australia, and we are proud to support Australian businesses with their label manufacturing or label printing needs.

So, if your organisation has previously used label manufacturers based outside of Australia, you have two options to consider:

1. Contact Label Power for a free quote on your organisation's label manufacturing requirements.

Label Power has over 20-year's experience in designing and manufacturing labels in Australia, so let us work with you to produce your product labels locally, which both supports the local economy, as well as assures that your product labels won't be held hostage by issues related to unexpected offshore production limitations (like Covid 19) or issues related to shipping and deliveries (no containers currently shipping from China).

Award Winning Label Design

Label Power also designs, manufactures and prints custom labels in multiple sizes and shapes and recently won a Gold Award at the 2019 FPLMA awards for the 6.1.2 Flexo Labels and Tag category! So, let us work with you to create your own award-winning label design.

2. Purchase a commercial label printer and start producing your own labels internally.

Label Power has a huge range of commercial-grade, label printers and can supply all the required label printer consumables including blank labels, ink cartridges, ribbons, printheads as well as the supporting equipment like rewinders, unwinders, slitters and peelers.

We can provide assistance with training and printer set-up and calibration and help your organisation transition to an internal label printing model.  We even have label printers that can print water resistant labels for refrigerated goods, chemical products and most moisture exposed products.

Durable Labels and Anodised Aluminum Name Plates

Label Power also manufactures UV resistant, durable, screen printed, etched, anodised aluminum labels and name plates for use in both internal and external environments.  Durable labels and metal name plates can be used in a variety of situations where long-term labelling and identification is required.

Pre-Printed Labels Production

If you require pre-printed labels for despatch, stocking or other requirements, we can provide you with fast turn-around and local shipping to assure your business continuity is not impacted by international supply chain issues which are out of your control.

Online Video Conferencing /Product Demonstration Options

Label Power recently implemented a 1000 gigabyte internet connection which means we can host a video conference meeting or printer demonstration online.  Clients can access this solution using Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams.

We can also review your existing label design to determine if there are more cost-effective manufacturing and printing options or improved design options.

Supporting Australian Manufacturers

Many organisations are now learning that the potential cost savings achieved, via using overseas manufacturers, does not necessarily translate to maintaining their business continuity due to the recent issues with shipping and production, so now is the time to support the Australian manufacturers who create jobs for local residents and support the local economy.

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