Labelmate UNI-CAT-STANDARD Label Rewinder

Code: 80-203-0086
$2152.70 (inc GST)
$1957.00 (exc GST)
The UNI-CAT is a 'smart' winder, capable of both rewinding and unwinding. The UNI-CAT will automatically match your printers speed and direction of printing, making it the ideal partner to printers that are tensionsensitive or back-feed. The UNI-CAT will even sense when the end of a roll is reached and automatically stop winding.
NOTE: The UNI-CAT is not recommended for colour printers.

• 25mm (1") diameter, 76mm (3"), 25mm-101mm (1-4")

• 152mm (6") to 254mm (10")

Roll Diameter:
• Up to 305mm (12")


Please Note: specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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