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Tharo Systems Easylabel
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$1480.00 (exc GST)

Platinum is our most powerful license! Includes all available features excluding network license connection.


Digital License

• Does not require a physical dongle

• Ideal for laptops, virtual machines or any environment where a dongle might be lost

• Created for a specific computer running EASYLABEL or acting as a license server

• Cannot be recovered if Windows does not load

• Moving / copying a virtual machine or booting a snapshot will invalidate its license

• Can only be transferred by EASYLABEL support (additional fee applies)


Features of the Platinum Version

  • Support of 40 types of Graphics such as PCX, PCC, EPS, WMF, BMP, JPG and TIF
  • Edit Order of User-input Prompts
  • Custom Text Formatting
  • Selectable Check Digits
  • Print Queue
  • Stage Multiple Print Jobs in Print Queue
  • Enable / Disable Printing of Specific Fields
  • Print to Multiple Printers from one PC
  • Password Security
  • Memory Card Download
  • Consecutive Numbering Text & Bar Codes
  • Support for Paragraph Fields
  • Pass Through Function
  • Support for Windows Print Drivers
  • Print Color Text and Graphics on Color Printers
  • ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO)
  • OLE DB Based database editor
  • Print a Format to a File
  • Import Data from External Data Sources
  • Read Paragraph Data from a Database
  • Embed a Graphic in a Database Record
  • Read Bar Code/Text Data from a Database
  • Data Validation on User Input
  • EAN/UCC 128 Wizard
  • GS-1 Bar Code Wizards
  • Support for 2D and Composite Barcodes
  • Unlimited Number of Fields on a Format
  • Ability to Link Fields
  • Add-on characters for Bar Codes
  • Special Formatting of Fields
  • Slanted, Arced for Text Fields
  • Field Fill Function
  • Allow Blanks for Operator Input Fields
  • Internal Database
  • Embed Serial Number in Database Record
  • Conditional Printing of Database Records
  • Print Items with Common Values
  • Save Print Queue Upon Exit EASYLABEL
  • Mirror Image Printing
  • Serial Files
  • Arithmetic Functions
  • Advanced Time and Date Functions
  • Voice Code
  • Command File Monitoring/Processing
  • ActiveX® Controls
  • XML Monitor
  • XML Generator
  • Job List File
  • Labelcom
  • RFID Wizard
  • Print History Console
  • Tools for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Track Data Field by Field for a Format
  • Cross Reference function to link fields from multiple databases together
  • List All Format Specs to Laser/Dot Matrix Printer
  • Support for Western Telematic Switch Boxes
  • Print Only Version (separate license purchase available)

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 400MB of free disc space

Printers supported include:

Easylabel 7 has native printer drivers for most major thermal transfer printers and can be used with any printer that has a Windows printer driver installed in Windows.

Supported Languages 

Catalan • Chinese (PRC) • Chinese (Taiwan) • Czech • Dutch • English • French • German • Hungarian • Italian • Japanese • Polish • Russian • Spanish

*Please note: product specifications vary according to software version.

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