Gloss White Heat Resistant Hang Tag Stock

Code: MT-3608

Gloss White Heat Resistant Hang Tag Stock - Tags Printed to Order

The Heat Resistant line is rated up to 600 °C and labels can be applied directly to or tags hung from coils, rolls, bars, sheets, rebar, tubes, wire bundles, etc. as they leave their furnaces. But what really makes them rate is the superior durability and quality we bake into every label and tag.

Their extreme performance through extreme heat enables you to avoid the high expense of product recalls due to mislabeled or incorrectly labeled materials and unreadable barcodes – and the labor costs associated with manual labelling and tagging.

The tag materials are excellent alternatives to riveted plates, chalk or crayons for tracking hot metals in foundries. The hang tags also provide high tear resistances so there is no unintended removal during storage or delivery to further ensure inventory accountability.


Size: TBD
Description: Gloss White Heat Resistant Hang Tag Stock
Ordering Code: ML-3608


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