Labelmate RRR-330 Reel to Reel Unwind/Rewind Station

Code: Labelmate RRR-330

Labelmate RRR-330 Reel to Reel Unwind/Rewind Station

These self-contained Unwind/Rewind RRR’s (Reel-to-Reel Rewinders) are a fast way to change rewind direction of material (wind-in / wind-out), change core sizes, and visually inspect labels. With various core sizes, roll diameters and speed adjustment these units present the most versatile way to get the job done.



• This is a convenient and durable machine that can help you rewind labels with ease.
• Its rugged heavy steel, industrial quality construction allows the CAT-3 to be simply set in place.
• Reliable, high quality and maintenance-free.

*Drive Unit requires two Core Holders (purchased separately)


• 13" wide roll capacity, 3" to 3" core.
• For opaque labels only.
• Core Diameter - 3" Unwind to 3" Rewind.
• Label Width - Up to 6" (152-mm)
• Roll Diameter - Up to 13" (330-mm)
• Bi-directional rewind capability.

Please Note: specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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