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This versatile package provides a retailer with an off the shelf in store mobility solution. The myStore Lite application bundle provides 7 core in store application and an integration environment that enables data transfer between myStore® Lite and any back office solution.


Stock traking

myStore® Lite allows you to perform two styles of stocktake. Express allows you to grab the PDA device and start scanning or product number entry of all the items in store.Stocktake enables you to download your store product file and scan or enter product numbers against this file. This process will identify products in store that are not currently on your store product file.


In addition to this you can enter a stock location. This assists when multiple stocktake devices are being used in the same store at one time. Stocktake using myStore® Lite will pay for itself in one stock take through either labour-saving or inventory accuracy, or both. 600 users can’t be wrong!


Price verification

Use the same price file from your back office PC or your PC POS in the format above and scan your products. The myStore® Lite application will highlight any discrepancies. An ideal application that will not only save you margin, it will also protect your goodwill!

Stock receiving

When goods arrive at the back door, put myStore® Lite into receive mode and start scanning. When you have finished, load this file into you back office PC for additional processing. This will ensure you receive what your ordered!

Stock transfers

To accurately record stock movement from one physical location to another use myStore® Lite to record the items as they are being packed for shipment. a great process to eliminate shrinkage between stores!

Windows for mobile

myStore® Lite is available on market leading PDA (Personal Digital Assistants) devices, for those regional or store managers that use PDA devices voice and email you can now add myStore® Lite onto these devices and they can perform all the same functions as store staff. Great for ad-hoc store checks on the shop floor.

Microsoft CE

myStore® Lite is an available on a selected range of industry specific devices that have been designed for in store retail use. Devices with the Microsoft CE operating system are designed to deliver maximum productivity for in store users.

Connectivity and integration

myStore® Lite comes with an Integration tool that resides on any back office computer that controls the file movement between the myStore® Lite terminals and your host application. This application provides for user security, setting of terminal options and easy file conversion to quickly and accurately move data from myStore® Lite and host applications.

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