Summa DC4sx Vinyl Sign Printer

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Summa DC4sx Vinyl Sign Printer

Summa DC4sx takes automated sign production to a new level. It prints outdoor-durable vinyl graphics that last up to 5 years without lamination*. Plus precision die-cutting is built-in along with auto-calibration features for even greater automation.

• 67 centimetre print-cut system.
• Outdoor durable without lamination.
• Process and spot colour printing.
• Eco-friendly, odourless, resin inks.


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OptiPrint™ Vinyl Cleaning Roller for optimal printing results

OptiPrint™ is our revolutionary media pre-cleaning system. It removes the dust and debris that can cause image flaws in thermal transfer printing. But unlike any other vinyl pre-cleaning methods, OptiPrint cleans your vinyl media immediately prior to laying down the first colour pass. That means there's no time for additional airborne particles to settle on your media prior to printing. So you get Optimal Printing that no other thermal transfer printer can match.

OptiPrint Roller


Storage for up to five auto-changing Smart Ribbon™ cassetes

Summa pioneered self-changing thermal transfer ribbon technology. So it's little wonder that our sixth-generation printer, Summa DC4sx, takes ribbon design to new levels of efficiency and automation:

  • High-capacity - each ribbon prints over 32 square metres
  • Fast-loading - just drop-in a new roll
  • Universal cassettes - the easy-loading cassettes hold any colour ribbon
  • Intelligent - SmartRibbon™ technology auto-recognises your ribbon colour, no matter where it's placed in the printer

Best of all, you can load up to 5 cassettes for long unattended print runs that combine both process and spot colour printing.

Smart Ribbon Cassette

Optional Power Take-Up Roller

When you own the world's most automated thermal transfer printer, it's good to know your Summa DC4sx can be equiped with everything you need for long unattended printing. For short runs, the optional media basket keeps your vinyl graphics from coming in contact with potentially dirty floors. Or when printing long runs, the optional power take-up rollers can easily handle your longest print runs.

Power Take-Up



PRINTHEAD Thermal transfer
INK TYPES Resin ribbons, in process or spot colours (outdoor durable);
Metallic ribbons, in gold or silver (indoor use)
IMAGE WIDTH 67 cm (26.4 in.) maximum
RESOLUTION Max. 24 x 12 dpmm (609 x 304 dpi)
Standard Mode :  10.7 m2/hour (115.7 F2/hour) - Spot
   2.8 m2/hour (30.1 F2/hour) - Process CMY
High resolution :  6.5 m2/hour (70 F2/hour) - Spot
   2.1 m2/hour (22.6 F2/hour) - Process CMY
Double density :  5.5 m2/hour (59 F2/hour) - Spot
   1.9 m2/hour (20.5 F2/hour) - Process CMY
CUT TYPE Drag-knife
BLADE TYPE 36° Summa D-Series
CUT WIDTH 67 cm (26.4 in.) maximum
CUT SPEED 600 mm/sec (24 in./sec)
CUT FORCE 0-400 grams in increments of 5 grams
MEDIA WIDTH 61 and 76 cm (24 and 30 in.)
MEDIA DRIVE Friction-feed with active steering
MEDIA TRACKING OptiTrac™ laser-guided tracking and advance
MEDIA LOADING Auto load and alignment built-in
MEDIA TAKE-UP Power take-up rollers (Optional);
Media collection basket (Optional)
RIP SOFTWARE Summa ColorControl™ RIP + Cut (Optional)
PLATFORM SUPPORT Summa ColorControl RIP (Optional): Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
FILE SUPPORT Summa ColorControl RIP (Optional): EPS, PDF, PS files from Mac or Windows
Mass Storage: 2 GB hard disk drive (Optional)
ELECTRICAL Connection: standard wall outlet;
Requirement: 100-240V 50Hz 350W
ENVIRONMENT Temperature: 15° to 28° C (60° to 82° F);
Humidity: 35 to 80 percent, non-condensing
169 x 63 x 130 (66.5 x 24.8 x 51.2 in)
195 kg (430 lbs.)
195 x 87 x 160 (76.8 x 35 x 63 in)
290 kg (639 lbs.)
Operations manual
Universal quick-load ribbon cassettes (5)
D-Series blade holder
36° D-Series blades (2)
Media roll-end flanges (2)
USB cable
Power cable
OptiPrint roller refill (1)
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow ribbons (1 ea.)
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Summa ColorControl RIP + Cut 7.0
Powered Take-up system
Media Basket (front & rear)
Mass Storage: 2 GB hard disk drive

*Lamination is recommended for images that will be exposed to extreme climates,
heavy abrasives and/or chemical solvents.^ top


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