Towa label applicator APN-100

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Towa Label Applicator APN-100

Towa label applicator APN-100 is an epoch-making tool specially designed to simply and firmly dispense and apply barcode labels, general labels and/ or seals in roll.

With this machine you will be able to dispense various kinds of labels in an easy manner given that no mechanical adjustment is required.

Towa label applicator APN-100 includes a “Mech- Sensor System” to automatically detect labels of different strokes eliminating the need for manual alignment when you load labels.

It can be operated like a hand labeller and is able to satisfy the needs of a variety of business such as Retailers, Logistics, Couriers, Agriculture and Fishery, Manufactures among others.

Towa label applicator APN-100 is a convenient and durable device that can help to increase the number of items that you can label every day.





Easy to use

  • Load the label in roll on the hub, remove Label holder turning it counters clockwise and pull it toward you before label loading.
  • Label comes out from the front of tool (Fig. 1) when pull Lever.
  • Apply the label at the place you want (Fig. 2).

Towa label applicator APN100 benefits

  • Simply and firmly dispense and apply a variety of labels.
  • It can use labels and seal in roll as well as labels or barcode labels printed by printer and rewind in roll.
  • It can dispense a different size of labels without any adjustment.
  • Space saving design.

Label Gap

  • 2-3mm.

Label size

  • Stroke: 18 - 60mm.
  • Width: 50 - 100mm.

Max outside diameter

  • 100mm.


  • Labels must be more than 50µm thick.
  • Some types of film, synthetic paper, and other special labels may not be supported.
  • Please ask for details before using special labels.

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