Towa Label Applicator APN-10-30

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Towa Label Applicator APN-10-30

Towa label applicator APN-10-30 is an epoch-making tool specially designed to simply and firmly dispense and apply small labels.

The Towa label applicator APN-10-30 can be operated like hand labeller and is able to satisfy the needs of a variety of business such as Retailers, Logistics, Couriers, Agriculture and Fishery, Manufactures among others.

Towa label applicator APN-10-30 is a convenient and durable device that can help to increase the number of items that you can label every day.


Easy to use

  • Load the label in roll on the hub, remove Label holder turning it counters clockwise and pull it toward you before label loading.
  • Label comes out from the front of tool (Fig. 1) when pull Lever.
  • Apply the label at the place you want (Fig. 2).


Towa label applicator APN-10-30 benefits

  • Simply and firmly dispense and apply a variety of small labels.
  • It can use pre-printed general roll labels. No special (punched or slit) labels or separators required.
  • Space saving design.

Label Gap

  • 2-3mm.

Label size

  • Stroke: 10 - 60mm.
  • Width: 20 - 30mm.

Max outside diameter

  • 100mm.


  • Labels must be more than 50µm thick.

  • Some types of film, synthetic paper, and other special labels may not be supported.

  • Please ask for details before using special labels.

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