Silencer Press Attachment for the Primera FX1200 and label materials

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Silencer Press Attachment for the Primera FX1200 and label materials

Enjoy the Silence

This unique press attachment allows self wound lamination to run more smoothly, faster and with less apparent noise. The spring loaded tension arm and unique roller design reduces the pulsating of the rolls and prevents quality problems such as label curl or registration problems.

This Silencer Press attachment features:
• Steel frame and arms designed to last the lifetime of the press.
• Arms machined in one piece with no welds.
• Plasma coated roller approved for direct food contact materials.
• Roller fitted with precision bearings that are within .001” tolerance and only needs to be serviced annually.
• Closer tolerances on all parts.
• Arms attach to mounting plate with collars containing bolts.

This Silencer is the perfect companion for the Primera FX1200 Digital Label finishing System.




• Saves money because you can run self wound lamination instead of more expensive linered lamination, run at higher speeds and have less waste.

• Improves Quality by stopping the pulsating of self wound lamination. The smooth and even unwind improves print quality because there is no pull back on the web. Stops random label curl.

• Increases production by allowing you to run at faster speeds with little or no tension on the laminating station.

• Reduces waste by eliminating the liner, curled labels or out of registration labels.

• Reduces Apparent Noise by decreasing the pulsating of rolls and the resulting unwind noise. Makes the plant quieter and improves worker safety. Now, operators can talk and hear while running self wound lamination.







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