Sato Kendo One Line Price Gun Label Applicator

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Sato Kendo One Line Pricing Gun

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Fast, easy and flexible

Sato Kendo One Line Pricing Gun is a portable price and product labeller specially designed to apply labels fast and easy.

Sato Kendo One Line Pricing Gun ensures precise labelling on a wide range of different products, containers, packages, etc. This label applicator can help you to significantly increase the number of products labelled during a work shift.

The Sato Kendo Price Gun is suitable for a range of industrial warehouses which need to label products with prices or other messages prior to distribution.



With this device you can apply a variety of labels such as price labels, best before, use by and special. Different colours are available: white, yellow, green, orange, black & white, and red & yellow.



  • Fast, easy & flexible.
  • Precise printing.
  • European layouts.
  • Easy-to-load ink roller.
  • Easy-to-load labels.
  • Clear and vivid print out.
  • Light and comfortable grip.
  • Various sizes and shapes of labels.


Model: Kendo 22 Pricing Gun.



Label Size: P 12 x W 22 mm.



Label shape: Rectangular.


Font Height: 4.5 x 5.0 mm (Top).

Hand Labeller Colour: Purple.

Hand Labeller Size:W 56.5mm x L 245 mm x H 123.5 mm.

Hand Labeller Weight: 280g.

Character Type: 8L19B(Top).

Number of Digits: 8.

Print Area: 19.5 & 22 x 12 mm.

Character Height: 5.0 mm.

Character Width: 1.8 mm.

Character Thickness:0.4 mm.

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