LP-812W Printer




Label Power's LP-812W high-speed 2-color thermal-transfer label printer targeted at GHS compliant applications. The printer, which operates at a speed of 8in/second, is designed to print on weather-resistant synthetic papers.

The LP-812W includes Ribbon Save feature on both printheads.  What this means is that  when there is a space on the label or media that is 30mm or over the ribbon will stop and the paper will continue to advance.  This feature can save thousands of dollars in ribbons every year for many users.

LP-812W comes with USB2.0 connection and onboard LAN for ethernet.



Printing type                             
Thermal  Transfer  method,  2-colors
Type of thermal  head                         
Edge head
Printing  density                                 
305dpi x 305dpi  
305dpi  x 61 Odpi  (4inches/sec)

Printing  speed                                    4inches(101.6mm)/sec

Maximum  printable  width                 216.Smm
Maximum  printable  length                   490mm
Printing  color                                     (Standard)-Black/Red

The number of thermal  heads/Printing  method(OS) 2heads/Printing  by using the  Windows driver (7/8(32/64bit>)
Paper feeder sensor                       Transmissive  sensor /Reflective  sensor
The mechanism of  labeler            The labeler can connect  directly  with  the  vertically  operatable  labeler
Outside  interface                           

PC :  USB2.0/LAN  (onboard)       
Labeler  :   Serial

Keyboard                                           FEED KEY (One sheet feed)  I STOP KEY (Pause)  I RESTART  KEY (Error cancellation)    
 Ink  ribbon  saving function   Capable (Under the  condition  of the  no  printing  areas  more  than  30mm)
Thermal head disconnection check function Available  from printing  condition  setting tool
LED display                                      3  styles  (POWER I ONLINE I ERROR)
Operating  conditions                     Temperature:  5-40°C(*special  condition  required  under 36-40°C)
Humidity:  30-80%RH Power   
AC100V-240VA     50/60Hz

Size                                                  420mm(Width)  x 395mm(Depth)  x 315mm(Height)   = Exclude label  holder  unit
Weight                                           26kg    = Exclude label  holder  unit)
Paper type                                  Label I Tag roll (synthetic  paper I general  paper  capable)  
Paper width       100mm  - 220mm
Paper thickness                        0.13mm  - 0.18mm
Label length                                          50mm  - 600mm
Label length  detection                    Label gap, the  back  marking, without  sensor (size  measuring) 
Maximum  diameter of paper  roll        210mm
Maximum length  of paper  roll         200m (depends  on paper thickness) 
Winding direction                                Revolute  (recommended) / involute 
Label holder  shaft                               Centering  adjuster
Ink ribbon  length                               300mm (standard)
Bundled software                           Printing  condition  setting tool


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