LD-U-100SS Automatic Label Dispenser

Code: 80-147-0007

LD-U-100SS Automatic Label Dispenser

The LD-U Type Automatic Label Dispensers uses a new “state of the art” reflective detector that allows the machine to dispense all types of labels, including transparent and black labels. The new LD-U range is using a compact photoelectric sensor with optic-fibre cable. Stainless steel chassis and cover and can be used in humid environment. They are ideal for food industry and pharmaceutical applications.  

This Label Dispensers is easy to set up, too. You just slide your roll of labels onto the built-in Core Holder. Then thread the label web through to the take-up spindle and your Label Dispenser is ready for use Rugged, heavy-gauge steel construction and precision parts yield products of the highest quality. Designed for allday, every-day use.!



  • Automatically advances the next label ready to pick. Fast label loading.
  • Quick and convenient operation! For transparent and black labels.

Label Width: Up to 115
?Label Length: 10 to 150 (depending on the labels) or 20 to 150 for transparent (depending on the labels).
?Roll Diameter: 220
?Speed: 110 minimum

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