Labelmate UNI-CAT-CHUCK Heavy-Duty Label Rewinder

Code: 80-203-0043
$2395.80 (inc GST)
$2178.00 (exc GST)
The UNI-CAT CHUCK is the most versatile rewinder/unwinder from the Labelmate product range. With adjustable speed settings and an easy-to-use LCD screen, the UNI-CAT CHUCK can be set to your exact specifications. It also features a unique locking system which prevents any unecessary movements during operation, locking the roll in place.
NOTE: This product is not recommended for colour printers.

• 76mm (3") diameter

• Up to 170mm (6")

Roll Diameter:
• Up to 300mm (12")

Standard Model "CAT-3" Heavy-duty Label Rewinder comes with 3-fins to hold the rewind core.

Please Note: specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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