Labelmate TWIN-CAT-3 Heavy-Duty Label Rewinder

Code: Labelmate TWIN-CAT-3

Labelmate TWIN-CAT-3 Heavy-Duty Label Rewinder

The Dual Spindle TWIN-CAT-3 Label Rewinder/Unwinder is a fast and easy way to change the direction of wound label material, make a larger roll out of several smaller ones. There is an Inspection Station option for visual inspection of printed labels. Counting options are also available. With various label widths and core diameters along with Inspection and Counting options, this all in one Rewind/Unwind Station is the ideal solution for that small roll diameter material you are working with.

This dual-spindle heavy duty Rewinder comes with two motors and two "Quick Chuck" core holders. With this unit you have maximum versatility in setting up a slitting operation or for stripping the unwanted matrix die-cut labels as you rewind them. Choose the "Quick Chuck" diameter(s) you need and enjoy the benefits of this Label Rewinder.

The TWIN-CAT-3 is an ideal space saving unit that can satisfy the needs of a variety of small and medium business such as food and beverage, manufacturing, transport and freight, chemical industries, among others.


Put Labelmate TWIN CAT-3 Label Rewinders to work for you today and enjoy a new dimension in label rewinding convenience and reliability.


• This is a convenient and durable machine that can help you rewind labels with ease.
• Its rugged heavy steel, industrial quality construction allows the CAT-3 to be simply set in place.
• Reliable, high quality and maintenance-free.

*Drive Unit requires two Core Holders (purchased seperately)





• 50.8x76.2mm (2x3") diameter

• Up to 152.4mm (6")

Roll Diameter:
• 210mm (8.25") on each spindle

Please Note: specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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