Labelmate LD-200-U Automatic Label Dispenser

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Labelmate LD-200-U Label Dispenser

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Save time and money applying labels to your products

Labelmate LD-200-U is an automatic label dispenser specially designed to reduce the amount of time traditionally spent in manually peeling and applying labels.

The LD-200-U uses a new ''state of the art'' reflective detector that allows the machine to dispense all types of labels, including transparent and opaque labels. This unit also utilizes a compact photoelectric sensor with optic-fibre cable to automatically advance the next label for picking.

The LD-200-U is an ideal space saving unit that can satisfy the needs of a variety of small and medium business such as food and beverage, manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

This is a convenient and durable machine that can help you to increase the number of products, containers or packages, to be labeled during a work shift.





• Easy to set up. Just slide your roll of labels onto the built-in Core Holder. Then thread the label web through to the take-up spindle and your Label Dispenser is ready for use.
• Backing paper is neatly rewind into a roll.
• Rugged, heavy-gauge steel construction and precision parts yield products of the highest quality.
• Specially designed for all-day, every-day use.

Label Width:
• Up to 165mm.

Label Length:
• 10 to 150* and 20 to 150 for transparent labels* (*subject to label specifications).

Roll diameter:
• 220mm.

• 110 mm/sec minimum.

Please Click Here to download product brochure.

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