Labelmate LD-200-RS Power Label Dispenser

Code: 80-147-0004
$1168.20 (inc GST)
$1062.00 (exc GST)

Labelmate LD-200-RS

Power Label Dispenser

This label dispenser is easy to set up. Just slide your roll of labels onto the built-in Core Holder. Then thread the label web through to the take-up spindle and your label dispenser is ready for use!  

The LD-100-RS & LD-200-RS use the latest opto-electronic technology so there is just one simple adjustment for label length. A special Reflective Sensor sits below the label and reliably and accurately senses the leading edge of your label. As you pick up a label, the next one is automatically and instantly advanced. The modern design presents the label right at the front of the machine, providing optimum convenience for both left-handed and right-handed operators.

Key Features:

  • Easy access to dispensed labels.
  • Equally convenient for right and left handed operators.
  • Works with labels as short as 1/4.
  • Small footprint.

Note: This label dispenser is not suitable for transparent labels.

Label Width: 1/2 to 6.5" max. (25- to 165-mm)
Label Length: 0.25 to 6" or more (6- to 150-mm)
Roll Diameter: 1.6 max (220-mm)
Core Diameter: 1.5 to 3"
Dimension: Approximately 229 x 305 or 229 mm
Weight: 6.8kg
Power Requirements: 120V 60Hz 40-va. A 230V 50Hz power supply is also available at the same price.


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