Label Slitter TWIN-SLIT-100 Package

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Labelmate Label Slitter TWIN-SLIT-100 Package

New! For the Ultimate in Slitting, Choose a TWIN-SLIT Slitting Package!

Money-saving production solutions!

The new TWIN-CAT-2-CHUCK Label Rewinder has two powered spindles with quick locking "Quick-Chuck"™ Core Chucks to provide more power and more convenience in multi-core rewind situations. Normally, in desktop slitting applications, you must place the individual rewind cores onto a single shaft and worry about placing separator plates in between each one to keep the labels from overlapping.

Now, with the TWIN-SLIT Package, you can just place each successive core on the opposite spindle, which not only saves time but also is also much easier. You don't need to use Separator Plates between the slit rolls, as they are not immediately adjacent to each other.


Web Width: Up to 6"
Speed: Up to 30 ips

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