Label Slitter S-200

Code: 42f6c800a7983

Labelmate Label Slitter S-200

• Wide Heavy-duty Label Slitter, allows rolls up to 23 cm width.
• As standard, three blades holders are provided allowing you to slit rolls into four separate rolls.
• Up to five or more blade holders can be fitted.
• Requires a CAT-2-CHUCK-10 Rewinder (recommended) or at minimum a CAT-2-W10 Rewinder and the wide 5.5" fins.

Label Width: Up to 25cm
Speed: Up to 85 cm/sec in off-line use
Number of Blades: Three standard. Four or more optional. Field installable.
Option: 6-digit pre-set counter
Power Requirements: No power is required
Warranty: Limited 3-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials

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