Label Power DPM-ALS104 Flat Bags Labelling Machine

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Label Power DPM-ALS104 Flat Bags Labelling Aplicator Machine for Flat Bags

The model Label Power DPM-ALS104 Bags Labelling Applicator Machine is specially suited for applying labels to flat bags. Labeling machine labeling Engine use German brand, check label size directly, with five years guarantee period.



Label Power DPM-ALS104 Bags Labelling Aplicator Machine

  • Control system: SIEMENS PLC control system, with high stable operation and extremely low failure rate;
  • Operation system: SIEMENS touch screen, with Chinese and English language, rich with help function and fault display function,easy operation;
  • Check system: German LEUZE check label sensor, automatic check label position, stable and convenient don’t have much higher requirement for the worker skill;
  • Send label system: American AB servo motor control system, stable with high speed;
  • Alarm function: such as label spill, label broken or other malfunction during machine working all will alarm and stop working.
  • Machine Material: The machine and spare parts all use material S304 stainless steel and Anodized senior aluminium alloy,with high corrosion resistance and never rust;
  • Low voltage circuit all use the France Schneider brand.
Model DPM-ALS104
Driving Engine German Avery engine
Yield?pcs/min? 30-150
Operating direction Left or Right
Conveyor Speed?m/min? ≤40
Labeling Accuracy ±1.0 mm
The inner diameter of label roll 76 mm
The outer diameter of label roll 350 mm(max)
The suitable size of label Width 15-110 mm length 15-300 mm
The suitable size of labeling objects Can customized
Printer use air 5kg/cm ²
Voltage (In China) AC220V 50/60HZ Single phase
(Can customized as client need)
Power?w? 1000W
Weight?kg? 500
Machine size 2000?L? 1200 (W) 1600 (H) mm
?machine size can made as client need )


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