Ingenico Maintenance Cleaning Kit

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Ingenico Maintenance Cleaning Kit


Cleaning to prevent errors

The Ingenico Maintenance Cleaning Kit was designed and approved by Ingenico to be a complete cleaning kit for medium to large merchants that have multiple Ingenico card readers. The products included in this kit will:
• Safely and quickly remove air pollutants, dirt, oils and other contaminants that inevitably migrate onto and into the card readers.
• Quickly and safely remove contaminants from Ingenico card reader's chassis, screens and keypads.

Kit includes:
• Forty (40) Ingenico Cleaning Cards
• Forty (40) Ingenico Dual Wipes














How Waffletechnology® Works

The cleaning waffles are flexible, raised platforms that allow the card to clean previously unreachable areas within the equipment.








• 40 cleaning cards and 40 dual wipes per box
Specifications sheet

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