Gemini Digital Diecutter

$10883.95 (inc GST)
$9894.50 (exc GST)

The DPR Gemini Digital Diecutter is an automatic sheet feeding and cutting system designed to automatically load and cut without the need of an operator.
Equipped with a Graphtec CE6000 Plotter, cuts can be made on adhesive sheets, silk screen prints, shop material prints and digital prints on cardboard.

With a newly designed ramp style loading tray and a wheel system, sheets can automatically be loaded into the plotter interruption free, cut, then dispensed into the catch tray all with ease.
This plotter is equipped with integrated sensor reader to assist in reading the marks after each sheet is loaded all within a fraction of a second. This is done while working in tandem with the cutting management software resulting with a cut precision of 0,3mm.

This innovative desktop cutter is capable of handling a variety of thickness and sheet sizes such as A4, A3, SRA3, SA3, Letter, Tabloid and Tabloid Extra.

It also has the ability to do:

  • Perforation cuts (Small dots)
  • Kiss cuts (Half cuts)
  • Die cuts (Heavy cuts)
  • Creasing

for applications such as labels, business cards, shaped business cards, small boxes and more.

It can successfully cut cardboard with a weight ranging from 200 to 350 gr (7.05 to 12.35 ounces).

Key features:

  • Uses industry best Graphtec CE6000 Plotter.
  • Compact design making it a desktop solution for a smaller workplace.
  • Automatic Ramp Style Feeder tray providing operator free job runs.
  • Proprietary software ensuring precise loading and cutting with excellent results.
  • Holds up to 150 sheets per job using sheet sizes (A4, A3, SA3, SRA3, Letter, Tabloid and Tabloid Extra).
  • Cutting options include: Die-Cut, Kiss-Cut, Perforation Cut and Media Creasing for boxes.

Two different positions of cutting:

The standard position is used for kiss cutting labels. The second position is used to break through the media to create small packs, tags and more.

Total dimension including exit tray 45.66” (116 cm)
- Minimum space requred for feet positioning 26.37” (67cm)
- Table space lenght 31.89” (81cm)
- Exit tray 13.78” (35cm)
- Plotter width 37.56” (70cm)

The exit tray extends for 13.78” (35cm) and
must be positioned in a location free of tight
passages to avoid hitting it when walking by.
The dimensions are quite small; the table on
which to machine may rest can be as small
as 23.62” x 26.38” (60cm x 67cm).

The system is composed of three separate components: loading-feeding tray, cutting plotter and finished sheets tray. These three parts
are positioned one above the other and they must be positioned on a table, where the finished sheets may be left hanging above the

The machine is connected to a computer using a USB cable; its dedicate software must be installed on a PC running on Windows 8 up;
those using exclusively Mac technology may install ‘Parallel’ compatibility software or opt to purchase a small notebook.

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