EZ Screen Wipes - Dual Wet/Dry Solution Wipes

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EZ Screen Wipes - Dual Wet/Dry Solution Wipes

Cleaning to prevent errors

This dual cleaning wipe was design to clean safely any monitor, plasma screen, laptop, PDA, etc. It has one wet wipe for cleaning and a dry wipe to remove moister and remaining residue. Very universal and takes the guess work out of which item is safe for your monitor or equipment cleaning. Will not scratch or leave residue - antistatic property added. When used they will:
• Safely clean the screen of contaminants
• Leave screen streak free

Use as:
• A scheduled maintenance product to optimize screen clarity
• An emergency maintenance product after screen has been contaminated














How Cleaning Products Work

Transaction devices, such as card readers and thermal printers, need to be maintained for performance reliability. Cleaning cards safely and easily remove dirt and other contaminants from within these devices without costly outside assistance. Each transaction device requires specific cleaning products to be used as preventive or corrective maintenance








• 25 packs per box (1 Cleaning Wipe and 1 Drying Wipe per pack)
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