Emedia Card Design Software - Professional Version


Emedia Card Design Software - Professional

The perfect tool for graphic, magnetic, and electronic personalisation of plastic cards for multiple uses.

Emedia Card Design Software facilitates the creation and printing of all your cards: company badges, business cards, membership cards, loyalty cards etc, and gives you the possibility to build a source of different card layouts instantly.

The Standard version allows connection to Excel data sheets so you can store your records and retrieve them when needed. Supplied in its Standard version with the Pebble and Dualys Card Printers, Emedia also has an upgradeable version called Emedia Professional, designed for connections to databases (MS-ACCESS, Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, ODBC database connections) and access to a number of advanced functions including expression builder. Acquire your photos with standard compliant technologies from your digital camera or scanner. Resize, crop, rotate and zoom your pictures with your mouse.

Upgrade your Trial or Standard version to the Professional version. With the Professional version, you can use all the software functionalities without restriction, and without the "SPECIMEN" label anymore. You can create cards, print cards, use databases, use automatic computations, extend Emedia with plug-ins, control Emedia from a third party software.

To upgrade into the professional version, select in the "Help" menu the "Upgrade" command. Print the order form, fill-in this form and send it to your local reseller. You will receive an activation key that you will enter in Emedia.

Reinstallation - Transfer of license

Both the registration and activation keys are specific from one computer to another. An activation key cannot work on another computer than the one on which you get the registration key. If you plan to transfer your license from a computer to another one, a reinstallation tool is provided. This tool uninstalls the version information from your computer and gives you the ability to obtain, free of any charge, a new activation key for your new computer.

Label Power cannot be asked for a free of charge activation key in case of a hard disk failure, virus or other. It is your own responsibility to protect your computer. Make a backup of your hard disk after the software installation or upgrade. You can use Windows tools, or third party tools for this purpose.

Some of the features that you will find in this software version are:


• 32 bits application: Runs under Microsoft™ Windows™ 95, 98, 98 SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP and Vista

• WYSIWYG environment: Eliminates the need of preview operation

• Multi User: Many users can work on the same data through the network

• Task division: The two modes of Emedia (design mode and operating mode) allow users to design cards while other users are editing card

• Password-protected: Passwords prevent the users from modifying the design of the cards or from using them

• Multilingual: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese

• Full on-line help An assistant guides you in your daily activities



• Acquisition: Uses standard technologies (Twain™, WIA and DirectShot™)

• File formats BMP, JPG, JPE

• Imaging tools: Direct link to your favourite image modification application



• Text objects: Uses all Windows fonts. Static and dynamic object

• Barcode objects: 21 types included. Static and dynamic object

• Shape objects: Lines, diagonals, Filled and transparent rectangles, circles and ellipses

• Front & back: Design of the both sides of the car

• Programmable objects Text and barcode objects can contain a calculation



• Magnetic strips ISO and non-ISO 1, 2 and 3 ; JIS T

• Magnetic strip data source: Fixed data, user data, system variables. Database field contents and computations

• Smart card encoding: Through any Smart card application. Internal encoding of the Mifare cards • Smart card data source: Fixed data, user data, system variables. Database field contents and computations



• Standard drivers: Printouts using standard Windows drivers

• Selective printouts: Based on SQL command or range of values • Independent printing of both side: User may print only front or back side

• Printing orientation: Different orientations from front to back sides



• Microsoft™ Excel™: data-sheets Connects to any Microsoft™ Excel™ datasheet

• Standard databases Connects to any standard database (Microsoft™ Access, Microsoft™ SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC driven (Microsoft™ Excel, DB2, Sybase, etc)

• Data source: Database field values can be used in text, barcode and image objects

• Image storage: Path to image files acquired stored in database fields



• Picture functions: Zoom, rotation, cropping included. Direct link to your favourite image processing software

• Expressions programming:Wizard provided to create powerful formulas in objects.

• CoolReader™ technology: A database record can be selected by reading the barcode, the magnetic strip or the Mifare serial number of the card

• COM Server: Easily integrate Emedia in your own applications or documents. Control eMedia from a Microsoft™ Excel worksheet, a Microsoft ™ Access application or an HTML page

• Plug-ins: Extend the features of Emedia with third-party components


Text objects

  • Fully customizable: support all TrueType Windows fonts, may be on multiple lines, aligned left, right or centered, rotated from 0 to 360°, true color supported, may be invisible. Their content may be constant, based on system variables (date, time, print counter), set by the user at printing time, chosen in a list by the user at printing time.

Images and photo objects 

  • Their contents may be loaded from disk (with an image selector), acquired using Twain™ or WIA™ (under Windows™ Me or Windows™ XP) or the folder supervision. Images and pictures may be freely rotated or zoomed. eMedia performs an automatic zooming and cropping of pictures. Direct link to your favorite image processing software, supports BMP and JPG formats.


  • 21 types of barcodes supported. Their contents may be constant, based on system variables (date, time, print counter), set by user at printing time, chosen from a list by the user at printing time.

Other tools

  • Lines, rectangles, ellipses and circles.

Database support 

  • Access to Microsoft™ Excel™ data-sheets. Create, modify, delete records from eMedia Card Designer, locate and select records, batch print your selection.

Magnetic Strip encoding

  • ISO1, 2 and 3 standard. A wizard is provided to enable the user to define powerful data encoding from constant values, system variables (date, time, print counter), card contents or interactive input at printing time.

Smart Card encoding

  • No Smart card encoding.

Contactless Card encoding

  • No Contactless card encoding.


  • Full on-line help provided.


  • 8 languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian. Language may be changed during program execution.

Please note: product specifications vary according to software version and are subject to change without prior notice.



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