EASYLABEL® Multi-user - 15 Users - Upgrade to EASYLABEL® 7 MULTI-USER - 15 Users

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$3514.50 (inc GST)
$3195.00 (exc GST)

Upgrade to a 15-person Multi-User plan. Multi-user is a network-based license that allows many users to run a licensed version of EASYLABEL while only using one license key.  It allows multiple clients to connect to one host computer. This version can be used with any non-Terminal Server Windows Operating System. It has an unlimited number of printer seats available. The number of users starts at 3, but more can be purchased and added onto the license. This version is capable of connecting to both local and network printers.



Digital License

• Does not require a physical dongle

• Ideal for laptops, virtual machines or any environment where a dongle might be lost

• Created for a specific computer running EASYLABEL or acting as a license server

• Cannot be recovered if Windows does not load

• Moving / copying a virtual machine or booting a snapshot will invalidate its license

• Can only be transferred by EASYLABEL support (additional fee applies)


Features of the Multi-User Version

  • Support of 40 types of Graphics such as PCX, PCC, EPS, WMF, BMP, JPG and TIF
  • Edit Order of User-input Prompts
  • Custom Text Formatting
  • Selectable Check Digits
  • Print Queue
  • Stage Multiple Print Jobs in Print Queue
  • Enable / Disable Printing of Specific Fields
  • Print to Multiple Printers from one PC
  • Password Security
  • Memory Card Download
  • Consecutive Numbering Text & Bar Codes
  • Support for Paragraph Fields
  • Pass Through Function
  • Support for Windows Print Drivers
  • Print Color Text and Graphics on Color Printers
  • ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO)
  • OLE DB Based database editor
  • Print a Format to a File
  • Import Data from External Data Sources
  • Read Paragraph Data from a Database
  • Embed a Graphic in a Database Record
  • Read Bar Code/Text Data from a Database
  • Data Validation on User Input
  • EAN/UCC 128 Wizard
  • GS-1 Bar Code Wizards
  • Support for 2D and Composite Barcodes
  • Unlimited Number of Fields on a Format
  • Ability to Link Fields
  • Add-on characters for Bar Codes
  • Special Formatting of Fields
  • Slanted, Arced for Text Fields
  • Field Fill Function
  • Allow Blanks for Operator Input Fields
  • Internal Database
  • Embed Serial Number in Database Record
  • Conditional Printing of Database Records
  • Print Items with Common Values
  • Save Print Queue Upon Exit EASYLABEL
  • Mirror Image Printing
  • Serial Files
  • Arithmetic Functions
  • Advanced Time and Date Functions
  • Voice Code
  • Command File Monitoring/Processing
  • ActiveX® Controls
  • Job List File
  • Labelcom
  • RFID Wizard
  • Print History Console
  • Tools for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Track Data Field by Field for a Format
  • Cross Reference function to link fields from multiple databases together
  • List All Format Specs to Laser/Dot Matrix Printer
  • Support for Western Telematic Switch Boxes
  • Network Support / Licensing

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 400MB of free disc space

Printers supported include:

Easylabel 7 has native printer drivers for most major thermal transfer printers and can be used with any printer that has a Windows printer driver installed in Windows.

Supported Languages 

Catalan • Chinese (PRC) • Chinese (Taiwan) • Czech • Dutch • English • French • German • Hungarian • Italian • Japanese • Polish • Russian • Spanish

*Please note: product specifications vary according to software version.

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