BOXMATE-610 Label Applicator

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$4995.00 (exc GST)

If you are looking for a reliable desktop solution to automatically apply labels to  small boxes or other square objects, then look no further!

BOXMATE-610, by Labelmate, enables you to consistently  and effortlessly label all kinds of square objects by simply placing them on the conveyer and watching the machine do the work.

Once the conveyer is activated the label is applied at over 4.5′′ per second, and most objects are labeled in less than 3 seconds! The Heavy-Duty construction of BOXMATE by Labelmate will withstand even the most high volume production environments.

Technical Specifications BOXMATE-610
Labels Applied per Object 1
Box Width (in) 1.5 - 6 (38 -153-mm)
Box Height *(in) 0.25 - 4.5 (6 -115-mm)
Box Length (in) 1 - 25 (25 - 635-mm)
Label Width (in) 2 - 7 (50 -178-mm)
Label Length (in) 1 - 25 (25 - 635-mm)
Core Diameter (in) 0.5 - 6 (13 -152-mm)
Label Types Opaque & Transparent
Max Speed** (items per hour) 800
Dimensions-HWD (in) 12 x 15 x 19.5 (305x380x495-mm)
Weight (lbs) 50 (22.7-kg)
Input Power Specifications  220V
Warranty 3 year limited warranty

*Maximum Height only applies if hold-down roller is used; otherwise the height is unlimited.
**Actual production will depend on operator efficiency in placing and removing boxes to be labeled.

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