BenchMATE Label Applicator + Small Bottle Adaptor

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The BenchMATE + Small bottle adaptor is a manually operated label applicator that ensures an enhanced presentation of your product, relieves the tediousness of hand applying self adhesive labels and enables economical use of production time.

Robust and portable, the BenchMATE label applicator + Small bottle adaptor will apply both die cut and butt cut roll format self adhesive / pressure sensitive labels to a wide range of cylindrical products.

This popular label applicator can apply a single, or front and back labels positioned as you require. The BenchMATE's versatility makes it suitable for the packaging industry, small wineries, cottage industries, primary producers, food, cosmetics manufacturers, and pharmaceutical industries. In fact, anywhere that labels need to be applied.

Constructed of durable stainless steel and anodised aluminium, the BenchMATE manually operated label applicator is quick to set up, simple to use and results in ease of operation.

The BenchMATE label applicator + Small bottle adaptor can be used to print and apply at the same time. An interface and foot pedal has been designed to link this manual labeller to a full colour printer.

The user will tap the foot pedal after applying the label to send a signal to the interface to print the next batch of labels.

This solution of the BenchMATE + Small bottle adaptor, interface and colour printer allows hands free production by allowing the user to print while never having to stop labelling. It allows companies to print smaller batches of labels and have full control over their labelling needs.

We highly recommend the Epson TM-C3500 or the Epson TM-C7500 for this integration which results in the highest quality “do it yourself” full colour print.

Weight – 6kg

Label Height

10mm – 186mm
(3/8 – 7 5/16 inches)

Label Length

> 25mm (1 inch)

Container Diameter

55mm – 250mm
(2 3/16 – 9 3/4 inches)

Container Diameter
(with removable handle)


(bottles per minute)

8 – 12 bpm


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