Benchmark accessory - Automatic label attachment

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Benchmark accessory - Automatic label attachment

Increase production with the automatic label attachment. Operated by a push button, foot switch or external input, it quickly grips, labels and releases containers automatically allowing for another packaging process to be performed simultaneously.


  • Button activation or foot switch.
  • Increases productivity and saves time.
  • Accommodates secondary processes e.g. packing, filling and capping.
  • Controls application pressure and repeatability.
  • Incorporates ergonomic design features.
  • User friendly.


Approximate output

  •  600-700, 700-900 or 900-1200 bottles per hour (depending on container size and label length).


  •  Bent stainless steel frame, vacuum formed ABS cover

Weight (unattached)

  •  2 kg.


  •  110V AC 60 Hz or 220/240V AC 50 Hz.


  •  17cm x 16cm x 15.5cm



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